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So many of our stories about technology and our paradigms for it refer to Greek and Roman myth and language: we name rocket ships “Apollo” and communication devices “telephone,” a human-machine interface a “cyborg.” It shapes not only the names for the technology we create, but the type of technology we create. I wondered what technologies a largely African diasporic culture might build, what stories its people might tell itself about technology. So a communication device that sees and hears becomes a “four-eye;” literally, a seer. The artificial intelligence that safeguards all the people in a planetary system becomes Granny Nanny, named after the revolutionary and magic worker who won independent rule in Jamaica for the Maroons who had run away from slavery. Rather than being a “Big Brother” paradigm it is an affectionate reference to her sense of love, care, and duty. The operating system that runs a dwelling is an “eshu,” named after the West African deity who can be in all places at once, who is the ghost in the machine.
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The Crop By Mark Anthony Johnson 

But we are the crop. We declared springtime the shadows of your twin towers, our flowers like fists springing form the earth…

soon there will be no silence
there will be no sirens
there will be no silence
there will be no cracked ribs
or last breaths
or broken teeth
left in unmarked or undisclosed grey areas

dandelions check, 1….2…
dandelions check, 1….2…”

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Dr. King’s real legacy – Join the 2013 Poor Peoples Campaign & March & ignite a fight for people’s rights 

Today April 4th, on the anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination and this historic year of the 50th anniversary of the Jobs & Freedom March

Let’s rekindle what Dr. King really stood for and ignite a fight for people’s rights… 


Where we will convene a People’s Power Assembly that will address how to open up a new movement…

We begin in Baltimore on Saturday,  May 11 – Don’t miss this historic civil rights walk and March from Baltimore to D.C. or the opportunity to work side by side, in the trenches, with community activists, trade unionists, occupy veterans, students and many others. 

Be with us in D.C. on Sunday, May 12.

Read the full CALL 

It is no exaggeration to say that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling in his grave to see how the CEO’s of big corporations like McDonald’s have turned his legacy into its very opposite.  

If he were alive today Dr. King would be sitting in the streets with the teachers, students, and parents of Chicago’s closing schools.  He would be raising his voice and demanding justice for the families of the victims of police terror like Oscar Grant, Alan Blueford, Kimani Gray or Anthony Anderson Sr.  He  would be insisting on an end to the mass incarceration of youth, today’s “new Jim Crow.” 

Endorse and Volunteer 


Initiated by: Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Baltimore People’s Power Assembly