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And it seems to me that the strength that should come from Black feminism means that I can, without fear, love and respect all men who are willing and able, without fear, to love and respect me. In short, if acquiring my self-determination is part of a worldwide, inevitable and righteous movement, then I should be willing and able to embrace more and more of the whole world without fear and also without self-sacrifice. This means that as a Black feminist I cannot be expected to respect what somebody else calls self-love if that concept of self-love requires my self-destruction to any degree. This holds true whether that somebody else is male, female, Black or white. My Black feminism means that you cannot expect me to respect what somebody else identifies as the Good of the People if that so-called Good (often translated as ‘manhood’ or ‘family’ or ‘nationalism’) requires the deferral or diminution of my self-fulfillment. We, Blacks and women, are the people. And, as Black women, we are most of the people, any people. Therefore, nothing that is good for the people is actually good unless it is good for me and my people, as I, as we, determine our own lives.
June Jordan, “Where Is The Love?” (1978), re-printed in Making Face, Making Soul Haciendo Caras: Creative and Critical Perspectives by Feminist of Color, Ed. Gloria Anzaldua.

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these are actos de resistencia

i am a sucker for love poems…
that float by adrienne rich,
because rose wet caves excite me
and make me think
of things i want to do in the dark
with you
talk june jordan, prisons, palestine
how mapu means earth means tierra
means you and means me

porque yo soy la tuya
y tú eres la mia
and not, some capitalist bullshit
because we are working through those things together
but, because we were once one-
eramos una- some time ago
you are brilliant and with you i am shining

tu hijo, huachito lindo, is so beautiful and sweet
and the future, and
you, are a teacherlearner like nuestras ancestras
and my soulsister latoya, showed me to be

how you cradle your son en tus brazos
he is so safe with you
how you sit, one knee bent
one leg outstretched
you have created new angles in my life

and todos los días contigo,
i am learning, dancing,
fighting, breathing
…i am a sucker for love poems 

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: Poem about Police Violence - June Jordan


Tell me something
what you think would happen if
everytime they kill a black boy
then we kill a cop
everytime they kill a black man
then we kill a cop

you think the accident rate would lower subsequently?
sometimes the feeling like amaze me baby
comes back to my mouth and I am quiet

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Just recently I received an award from my prep school, Northfield Mt. Herman, and my classmates were telling me about a term paper I had done for biology on tissue culture written completely in iambic pantameter- so I know I had to have been intoxicated with words to do that. I don’t really remember doing that paper but my classmates did. So writing was something that became part of my basic identity. Obviously the biology teacher would have preferred to have the paper written in prose, and I didn’t really care, cause that wasn’t the way I was going to write it. I couldn’t have done the paper at all if I had had to write it in prose, it wouldn’t have been interesting to me.

-June Jordan

from I Know What the Red Clay Looks Like by Rebecca Carroll p144-145

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